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Responsives Design sorgt für eine optimale Darstellung auf vielen unterschiedlichen Geräten

Für Seamonkey gibt es angepasste Info-Seiten, die für die Anzeige in der Sidebar optimiert sind.

Hier finden Sie eine kleine Sammlung dieser nützlichen Helfer


Deutsche Seiten

Bookmark me

  • Heise Online - Aktuelle Neuigkeiten aus dem Bereich IT und Telekommunikation.
  • Nachschlagewerke - Direkter Zugriff auf verschiedeneWörterbücher, Lexika und Enzyklopädien aus der Sidebar.
  • SeaMonkey - Deutschsprachige Links und Informationen zu SeaMonkey.

Internationale Seiten

  • gnpcb.org: ESV Bible - Allows to search the English standard version of the bible. A sidebar will appear that gives the possibility to enter words or a passage.
  • LookWAYup - Defines English words and provides optional translations into French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.
  • PepeSearch - Easy access to the PepeSearch search engine and portal features.
  • Spacetoday.net - Space news summaries, updated daily.



  • Annoyances.org - Focuses on solving problems and eliminating annoyances with all modern versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Backflip Buddy - Allows to save, bookmark, and share users' favorite websites.
  • The Caml Language - Presents weekly news about this general-purpose programming language.
  • CSS 2.1 Quick Reference - Global documentation on the cascading style sheets. Allows the user to look up a style and see what values it takes, and is also useful as a reminder of some of the little-used styles.
  • DistroWatch - Displays the list of latest packages, distributions and news on free operating systems such as GNU/Linux.
  • Dynamic Drive - Adds a collection of links pointing to important sections of this site hosting a comprehensive DHTML code library.
  • Ed Mullen's Mozilla Help - Includes FAQ and tutorials on various aspects of Mozilla software.
  • Edgewall.org: Python Sidebar - Displays a collection of links pointing to reference documentation and also offers simple searching of related python websites and mailing lists.
  • The Florida Linux User Exchange - Latest announcements from this GNU/Linux users group.
  • FreshMeat - Contains a search tool and the latest updates on open source projects hosted by this portal.
  • Google - Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, images, a modified version of the Open Directory Project and the news.
  • Google Talk - An alternative to the desktop client for those who don't use more advanced features like voice chat or file sharing. Requires Adobe Flash player.
  • HTML 4.01 Quick Reference - A global documentation on the hypertext markup language.
  • IceWalkers - Searchable directory of free GNU/Linux software. Features news, downloads, how-to's, and links.
  • Mozilla's Bugzilla - The Mozilla bug database. Allows searches for reported bugs, and makes possible to report new ones for Mozilla software and its associated components.
  • OS News - Weblog style online magazine on operating systems and computing environments. Daily updates, reader forum with many comments.
  • Python - Aimed mainly at developers using this programming language, includes python.org, mailing-list and bug search support.
  • SiteBar - Third party sidebar to ease the use of SiteBar, an open source bookmark server intended for both personal and enterprise usage.
  • Slashdot Articles - A third party sidebar displaying the latest articles from Slashdot.org. By Neil Fraser.
  • The Template Tags Quick Reference Bookmarklet - Lists all of Movable Type's template tags grouped by functionality. The bookmarklet gets the template tags directly from Six Apart servers hence it is always up-to-date.
  • Whirlpool.net.au: Australian Broadband News - Displays latest headlines about broadband offers in Australia, also includes links for their forums and price comparison section.
  • Zvon.org - Source of XML related references and tutorials.
  • Anarchist Federation - Latest news in English from the federation in Poland.
  • Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - Information on cosmetic and plastic procedures.
  • CNN Expanded - Includes US and international stories sorted by theme.
  • Edazzle.net: Amazon Search - A third party tab that allows to search this online retailer of books, video games, toys, music, and video recordings.
  • GameTab for Sidebar - Gives access to three flash games in a new tab, allowing to play to snake, pong and arkanoid within the sidebar.
  • Musik Wein GmbH - Company news from this distribution partner for musical instruments and accessories, aimed at distributors of music equipment.
  • ShopRMall.com - A directory of name brand stores and small gift boutiques.
  • Wormhole Sidebar - Adds links pointing to general and specialized search engines, also includes a calendar gadget.

Polnische Seiten

  • Enduro - Wszystko o motocyklach Enduro.
  • Google - Wyszukiwarka stron WWW, grafiki, grup dyskusyjnych, katalog tworzony na bazie ODP i wzbogacany przy użyciu własnej technologii Google.
  • Linux.pl - Informacje ze świata GNU/Linux.
  • 7th Guard - Nowiny ze świata wolnego oprogramowania.

Französiche Seiten

  • Crieur.com - Dictionnaire subjectif, qui permet au travers de définitions de mots d'exprimer une idée personnelle. Œuvre coopérative.
  • Edazzle.net : recherche sur Amazon.fr - Onglet permettant d'effectuer des recherches de livres en français et en anglais, neufs ou d'occasion, et produits culturels sur cette boutique en ligne.
  • Google - Permet de faire rapidement des recherches sur le Web, sur Usenet, dans l'annuaire Google et les actualités.
  • Le Monde - Fil d'actualités de la Une du journal Le Monde.
  • Linuxgraphic.org - Affiche en permanence les 3 dernières occurences cliquables des actualités et des brèves et une barre de navigation intégrée au survol du logo, consacrées au graphisme sous GNU/Linux.
  • Référence CSS 2 - Une aide-mémoire sur la version 2 des feuilles de style en cascade.
  • Référence DOM 2 - Guide sur le Document Object Model du World Wide Web Consortium, traduit en français. Couvre le noyau, les vues, les évènements, les feuilles de style et le HTML.
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